Fabian McCune


Whats your fear?

We must get to a place where we truly humble ourselves before God in true submission and surrender so that He can bring to light the hidden and covered up fears in each of our lives.  If you want to experience true freedom you must allow God to open your eyes so that the purge of your fears can begin.

We sing songs of freedom and deliverance but still hold on to our fears because we transform our fears into protection.  Your fears begin to provide protection and satisfaction which ultimately puts you in a box. The box represents the walls you've built. The bottom of the box is the foundation or root of the fear you’ve laid. The top is the limit you've created for yourself.  Ultimately this box is the plan that fear has for you. 


Emotions of fear

God created the potential for us to feel fear and anger but He also gave us the ability to control how we feel and it's through our God given free will. We can choose our emotions which will guide our feelings. God did not create fear. Humanity created fear and out of our fear we produce the opposite of Gods will.

Understand that the only emotions God created are based out of love. When the serpent spoke to Eve, She was not afraid. When Jesus was tempted by satan, He was not afraid. Notice that satan offers you options to open your emotions in hopes that you let him in to control them.  Your free will opens your emotions. Satan builds upon what you offer him or allow him to attach himself to.  


FOMO (Fear of missing out)

Adam and Eve allowed the fear of missing out on the knowledge of Good and evil guide their actions which was against God's plan.Understand that Eve talking to the serpent wasn't filtered through fear. Fear entered when she went against God's initial instructions to not eat from the tree. It wasn't until then that their eyes were opened and fear became such a reality and they sewed fig leaves together to hide their bodies in shame.


 Are you letting  the fear of missing out guide you to go against God's good and perfect will for your life?


Smart vs Right

 "God is more concerned with you making the right decision, NOT THE SMART DECISION"

The greatest tool

Protect you Mind. 

Sometimes false

Fear is a type of energy stored or expressed in the soul. If you store fear in the soul it will then be a filter for the rest of you life. Fear is a belief based on created pain or error. Fear affects the way we see reality which is based on past experiences. Fear will make you see your current situation differently from what it really is.

Your stored sensations will guide your actions which then become an addiction. We begin feel a sense of panic when we don't allow our fear to guide or actions. 


What is a spirit of fear? A spirit of fear is literally a spirit that produces fear which produces thoughts, actions and feelings that are contrary to things of God. Know that God cannot give you something that he is not. God will only give you what He is!

God didn't give that to you!

2 Tim 1:7 says that God gave us Power, Love and a SOUND MIND!!! When we give power to fear, we're allowing it to control our emotions which then controls our actions. Sound mind means self control. you have a will. Allow your will to align up with self control which aligns with God and fear will not be an option.